AMEA Mumbai 2023 | Grand Petroleum

8th AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil Conference

22nd Nov, 2023 Mumbai, India

It is with great pride that Grand Petroleum, participating as a distinguished silver sponsor at the recent gathering in Mumbai on the 22nd of November, acknowledges its esteemed position within the marketplace. The company has notably secured the premier position as the leading Bulk Bitumen exporter, with an impressive export volume of nearly 40,000 metric tones within the span of the preceding 40 days. This remarkable accomplishment underscores not only the proficiency and unwavering dedication of our team but also reflects the enduring confidence our clientele has placed in us since the inception of Grand Petroleum.

The Petrosil Group stands as an impartial entity dedicated to the provision of comprehensive commodity reporting services and serves as a facilitator for international industry symposiums and expositions. This esteemed organization delivers an array of resources, including timely news updates, in-depth reports, analytical insights, authoritative price benchmarks, trade statistics, expansive directory databases, as well as the orchestration of conferences and exhibitions, all of which cater to the worldwide energy and commodity sectors.

Fueled by this milestone, we are emboldened in our aspirations to further broaden our market reach and escalate our sales figures, supported by the relentless commitment of our team and the loyalty of our customers. In the interim, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Petrosil Group for their exceptional efforts in uniting the key players within the market and for creating a platform where industry potentials can converge and thrive.

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