Bitumen 60/70

The A – Z Guide Of Bitumen 60/70

Bitumen is a substance that produced through the distillation of crude oil. This black substance is used for its waterproofing  and adhesive properties. Because of its properties, Bitumen is used in the construction industry, notably for streets and roads. With eliminating lighter crude oil, components like gasoline and diesel remain  behind the heavier bitumen. These deposits  have occurred naturally at the bottom of ancient lakes when prehistoric organisms have decayed under the heat and pressure

The history of Bitumen

Proponents of ancient history posit that bitumen, which dates back roughly 40,000 years, was utilized by Neanderthals in Syria. Evidence suggests that this substance was applied to stone tools for adhesive purposes. Furthermore, during the Uruk and Chalcolithic periods, bitumen was employed in the construction of buildings and the crafting of reed boats, chiefly due to its waterproofing capabilities.


Bitumen Components

Bitumen is composed of complex hydrocarbons and the other its components are calcium, iron, sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen. Bitumen’ s basic is from crude oil so its quality depends on the source and type of crude oil. Bitumen deform under heavy loads and because of continued pressure on the material can make some cracking in it.


Some uses of Bitumen

Bitumen has several uses like industrial and for road paving. Nowadays, the majority of  all countries roads are made of bitumen or a combination of bitumen such as concrete. Other uses of this substance is  for waterproofing. For example, Bitumen can used at boats, marine vessels and buildings. Another use of bitumen was in photography and medicine at past. Early photographers produced static black and white images by applying bitumen for plates and exposed to light.


Types of Bitumen:

Bitumen is divided into three main categories as follows:

  1. Pure bitumen such as bitumen with a penetration degree such as 60-70 and PG bitumen such as 75-30
  2. Soluble bitumen such as MC, RC, SC bitumen
  3. Emulsion bitumen such as CMS, CRS, CSS bitumen

Comparing Bitumen vs. Asphalt

Almost all people confuse with asphalt. This mistake is because of their usage in the construction industry but they are so different. Bitumen is a byproduct of crude oil that it is used for binding asphalt. Asphalt is a manmade substance opposite of bitumen and It is produced from petroleum distillate or from byproducts of natural deposits.


How can determine Bitumen price?

Bitumen price is determined by  the global economy’s state and demand for crude oil. Bitumen isn’t just produced by distilling crude oil, in the other words it’s a product that occurs naturally. Pure bitumen 60/70 has higher price between other types of bitumen. Another reason that effect of bitumen price is the role of China. This country can determine demand and setting prices for bitumen that it is for its heavy investment in scaling road infrastructure. Also for  asphalt prices is under the effect of bitumen and  its price because of its  high demand are more than bitumen.

Sum up

Bitumen is a substance that when people hear it, they think of the roads and highways. While this thought is completely wrong. This mistake is because of another substance, asphalt. It play an important roll in construction industry, as we said.

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