Grand Petroleum Silver sponsor at Rex Fuels Global Expo & Conference 2024 - Bitumen, Petrochemicals & Petroproducts

Grand Petroleum Silver sponsor at  Rex Fuels Global Expo & Conference 2024 – Bitumen, Petrochemicals & Petroproducts

Grand Petroleum Shines as Silver Sponsor at Rex Fuels Global Expo & Conference 2024

Dubai’s Intercontinental Hotel in the vibrant Dubai Festival City. As a renowned forum for industry leaders specializing in bitumen and petrochemicals, Rex Fuels Conferences invites participants to immerse themselves in a world of innovation, expertise and business networking in one of the most dynamic cities on the planet.

Marking its presence as a trailblazer in the downstream petroleum sector, Grand Petroleum, a company that has quickly risen to prominence since its inception in 2022, is proud to announce its role as a Silver sponsor at the event. With a strategic base in Dubai, Grand Petroleum is the latest addition to a prestigious international conglomerate with a legacy spanning over a quarter-century in industries including steel production, bitumen manufacturing, and global trade.

Grand Petroleum stands out as a beacon of reliability in the Middle Eastern market, backed by robust financial resources, dedicated private manufacturing facilities, and a fleet of transportation assets. The company’s commitment to excellence ensures that it consistently supplies top-tier products, such as Bitumen, Fuel Oil, Base Oil, RPO, and a variety of petrochemicals, all packaged to meet diverse client needs.

With a customer-centric approach, Grand Petroleum’s workforce and stakeholders prioritize smooth and efficient commercial transactions, striving to foster enduring satisfaction across their extensive network, from suppliers to end-users.

Leveraging an exclusive international logistics system, Grand Petroleum has carved out a formidable reputation in the marketplace as a dependable and influential supplier, known for its quality products and impeccable service. As they grace the Rex Fuels Conference, the company looks forward to forging new alliances and reinforcing its status as an industry pacesetter.

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